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I think, Quick need no tie, he need a pair of squishy bewbs and a wiggly rump (at least fictionable) to get the job easy. Just-as-Jen-did~! >;pc Hehehehe!

Thats the same evil look my sister has! Deja vu O.o

actually, when I have Deja vu, it occurs sometime on a good day for me like on a momentous occasion, and that I know when I have Deja vu is when I wakeup from a dream of nothingness, it’s like being in a void of sorts with no sensations what-so-ever. that is how I know.

seems to me Jen still doesn’t know daddy dearest cut her off her cash cards

That…has nothing to do with what Quick or Jen said.. She said, ‘Where she is at in her career.’ Suggesting she already had a job as Quick made a joke about it being easy for girls to find a job.

To be fair, I don’t think he was saying it was easy for “girls” to find a job, just specifically Jen.

Then again, have you looked at just about every female character in this comic?
I’d say they all have good, GOOD advantages to get jobs. Almost automatic if you ask me
…What, I meant just about all of them are people with ambition, skills and resolve to take things through in some way. Most of them.
What did you think I was implying?

XD something tells me Quick and Jen have never gotten along

gee what gave you that hint?

the fact that she interrupted him when making up with Chrissy?

in case you hadn’t noticed I was intentionally stating the obvious, I never really got along with my older sisters (grew up with 2 much older sisters), but I loved them and am still very protective of them, as a little brother should

I personally thought this kind of actions are normal for siblings, ‘specially when you have older sister-younger brother situation where age difference is more than 2 years.
At least it is so with my own sis (3 years older than me) and even though we tease, call names and say mean things to each other, we both just laugh at it a minute later and pour another cup of coffee for each other.
That, and we are really good of getting other one’s head out of any kind of sh**pile they might land into. Figuratively of course.

Curse you rule 63…CURSE YOU!!!

I forgot ask which rule that was man, you mind refreshing my memory right now?

Hello, just out of curiosity and a kind of sense of humor, has anyone ever heard of the comic called “Twokinds”, or better yet the site for the comics and more called “Keenspot”? if you have please tell me, an if you haven’t, please read it and tell me anyway will you? thanks. πŸ™‚

The guys (other than Quick) in this comic are so without any sense of moral or conscience O.o

I wouldn’t say that, more that they just have different morals when it comes to different things. Take Raven for example: yeah, he hits on pretty much anything that’s female, but it’s mostly because the dude likes sex and isn’t ashamed to admit it. Doesn’t make him a bad or immoral person, just makes him a guy who likes sex. Strict monogamy isn’t the only way to do things. For all we know, he actually does have that agreement with his girlfriend (and I’m inclined to believe they do, because she knows full well what kind of person he is and is still with him, so it clearly doesn’t bother her too much).

And then there’s Skylar, who’s always seemed like a great guy to know. I wish I knew people like him, it’d make my life a lot better.

* Coroners report: Signs of large objects pressed into the back of his head possibly large mellons from the size and pressure markings, abrasions to the windpipe, cause of death two mellons in a sling after a failed prank attempt, sling stuck on throat while mellons prevented him from getting up due to size and wieght.*

heh seems like momma didn’t like the “scene” that Rush pulled at Swoop’s request and she decided to “tan” their behinds as a reminder to not lie about their actions.
on another note it seems Rush’s sister finally caught up with them and is ready to board their ship thru the back door and the hijinks continues, (P.S wonder where Alexis is at during the comotion)

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