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*sigh* better start digging Quick’s grave * goes to dig grave*

Last week, there was a consensus that Chrissy will become insecure once again due to Quik’s new job. If Quik knows this to be the case, why is he even dating Chrissy? Does anyone remember WHY he’s attracted to her? I haven’t read archives for several months. Quik could have the pick of women whom have greater self-esteem and confidence.

So, why choose the emotional train wreck?

“Wild Nature”, eh? Yeah that girl had natural written all over her bod! ;P

Actually she did. The difference between all natural and fake boobs is that natural breasts jiggle more.

And float in the water. xP

YEP. Its sad really, people think they need implants to get bigger, but all you need is the right diet or a very special massage oil that actually works, and yes it does exist, unlike for a guys parts, for a girl making her breasts, and butt, bigger is easy and can be done naturally, its just very time consuming.

Okay, search up on tumbler, there is a tumbler page dedicated to breast growth, and the girl who runs it actually tells you the name of the oil in a few of her posts, but it does take time, around 20 minutes, 4 to 5 times a day, and you will get results if you keep it up.

Reiko seems to have forgotten the first rule of being a ninja….YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE QUIET! geeze what a blabbermouth x3

You know, it’s actually better she found out like this than Crissy finding out many other ways. Quick’s reaction to Reiko’s statement rather took the edge off the problem.

Looks to me (like another poster noted) that Crissy may have already known (because she is friends to one of the major clients) or she may have suspected.

Well, one of the main hurdles in the problem has been handled. Looks to me like Crissy will state she trusts Quick enough. Looks like it’ll be up to Quick to be worthy of that trust. I think he can do it. He has already proven he is VERY trustworthy.

qs far as things go Chrissy should not have any problems with Quick as he “nudged” her into making up her mind and coming back to him since he wasn’t going to put the moves on Jazmin only to regret doing so after “clearing up” her doubts with a lil chat she had with Jaz

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