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Oh Look! it’s a kodiak moment!

Kodak. Kodiak is a large bear. sorry just feel like making a “the more you know” moment.

note Quick in panel 2 is disappointed and Crissy is speaking up for him.

This may have been somewhat confusing and even embarrassing, but it is very much important.

of course it’s important because it reveals to her that Quick is an honorable guy that won’t shirk his responsibility of being a father if they actually decided to settle down, the others may be poking fun at him for now but they should take his example of taking up responsibility for their own actions when getting intimate because kids are the ties that bind people in most cases

Nope Chrissy is not speaking for him she is just staring at him, the thought conversation is carrying on her panel too, that is all Quick thinking to himself there

Well Chrissy and Quick are happy together, and that’s all that matters. No need to over-complicate things now, is there? Right?
But what worries me is Liona. How is Nicolas gonna handle the news? And there is her career. She’s young, and just started going to collage and has her whole life ahead of her. I just don’t want to see her end up like Claire’s mom from Uberquest.

……… dang it. -_-‘ i hate how this comic mirors how my friend acts around me even though we’re not dating. but it’s still a good comic.

Isn’t it said somewhere life imitates art and vice versa

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