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Has anyone else noticed that along to getting tones of hot girls on his tail without even trying, Quick always puts himself in the middle of the nuclear zone?

understatement and it usually happens after “peer pressure” they may mean well but they always get him in trouble along the way

You think he would have learned by now.

Yeah, but where’s the fun in that?

For a serious post.

I’m glad Chrissy heard this. Shes been so strung up on her Ex that Quick has been more or less left in the dust. Not to say that Chrissy or Quick are without fault, they both have their ups and downs, making this very human and natural.

I can’t recall how many times I have seen friends hung up on someone who couldn’t make up their mind for years only to get hurt. Let’s not forget how Quick got into this position, she couldn’t trust Quick because of what her Ex did, kept playing touch and go with Quick’s heart, and now hes finally about to try something new to be happy and suddenly BAM, shes there.

Here is the kicker, we all know Chrissy and Quick still like eachother. They have some rough bumps, most relationships do. Skye and Ravin are Quick’s friends, and worry about his well being overall. They see him strung up on Chrissy, who isn’t really giving him the light of day, and want to move him along.

While Reiko knows how Chrissy really feels, and urges her to get over herself and tells Quick to man up. But we all know how it goes down, everyone says on thing, but does something completely different.

So, we settle into this awkward and very logical stalemate. Quick and Chrissy come at a Crossroads again, with sandwiches.

Also, Do not take Raven’s drunken statement to heart. Shes drunk. I doubt shes got a clue to what is going on and Chrissy seems embarrassed about Raven, and ashamed about Quick’s situation.

In short, TLDR, I can’t wait for next weeks comic.

I’m in total agreement here; however, I do have one concern.

If memory serves correctly, Chrissy did a background search on Quick to discover his secret of being rich and what not rather than confronting him and/or letting him eventually tell her about his life. Really, based on what we’ve seen thus far, they really haven’t talked much about their respective past before the whole windfall. That aside, Chrissy, in my eyes, really didn’t trust quick. There was a lack of communication there. So it really begs the question does Quick trust her…and I mean really trust her? It does beg that question after that incident.

One thing I’ve noticed, is that Quick tends to be a rather forgiving guy. Heck, the fact that he’s still held on for this long, despite all that’s happened, probably speaks to his personality and nature.

While I agree that it is in question whether or not he wants to trust her, I think he’s more inclined to do so than you might think. At the very least, if he won’t trust her enough to continue dating her, he likely will trust her enough to attempt a friendship.

The other question, of course, is whether or not Chrissy is willing to let herself trust Quick. Her problems are much harder to overcome.

Not just forgiving, but way to trustworthy. He wears his heart on his sleeve.

My main concern now though is…he has a goal to date Jaz, and he likes her, she likes him. Raven has pretty much accepted to SOME degree shes not strung up on him.

Chrissy is still hung up on him and trying to decide her mind.

Lets not forget Jaz here, Her family is pushing her to continue their bloodline (I might be wrong.) This means…out of the three, hurting Jaz will likely put the biggest impact on his friendship with Reiko and Skye. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who knows how to go about causal dating.

In short. Hes damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. The poor, poor bastard.

Well, assuming it does go down hill.

Depending on how the situation goes, Reiko and Skye may or may not blame Quick if it does go south – I think they’d accept if Quick just said “it wasn’t working.” Both seem relatively experienced at relationships, at least enough to recognize that, sometimes, things just don’t click, even when it seems like they ought.

You’d most definitely be right about that. Ravin seems to have had his fair share of heartbreak also. Self inflicted or not who knows, but I do have high hopes for whatever happens, they will all come out of it one way or another.

I’d like to think that being trustworthy is not a bad thing.

I would like to see Quick and Jaz at least make an attempt. Jazmine is pretty emotionally repressed, and reminds me a bit of a volcano that is on the verge of exploding. Being Quick would give her a chance to hopefully relax and let herself out a bit more. Plus, I think Quick has learned that perhaps he should be a bit more open about his past. I’ll admit that I don’t have much experience with relationships, but it seems to me that honesty about who you are and where you come from wouldn’t be a bad thing to help a relationship grow.

That’s probably the thing that irks me most about Chrissy. Why in the hell did Quick being a millionaire cause so much angst for her? Most normal people don’t go nagging their partners about how much money they make or have. That’s just not socially polite. Why did Chrissy feel all that was necessary?

It’s because of her previous boyfriend. Originally he was a pretty nice dude, but then his dad won the lottery (I think that’s how it happened). He started buying her all these expensive gifts, and started pressuring her into doing a few things that didn’t really make her comfortable. The final straw was when he basically pimped her out for a threesome with himself of some random stranger. When she refused, he slapped her and told her that he owned her because of all the stuff he bought her.

It left her emotionally damaged, and so she at least subconsciously associates wealth with making people into complete assholes. That’s why she freaked out at Quick when she found out he was rich.

My take on the situation:
Quick: needs to make a decision (any decision) about who he wants to be with and stick with it. If he wants to be with chrissy he needs to force her to make a definitive choice on the matter and force her to make a decision as to whether she wants to be with him or not. If she does then she will have to get over her personal drama and if she can’t then he can move on with his life (to either jasmine or raven, both of whom aren’t playing stupid games with him).

Chrissy: Either she cares about him enough to get over her issues or she doesn’t. She needs to make up her mind on the subject so that she can stop screwing with Quick’s heart and the two of them can get on with their lives.

Ohh he is SO dead!

their dropping like flies, now I have to dig another grave

Nah I think quick can run fast enough.

the thing is if Quick goes on impulse and asks Jazmin on a date without being serious about it as a “just for fun” kind of deal and leads her on she will make sure to have never crossed her and play with her feelings (not that Quick is that type of guy) but his life span will end faster than he can blink.
on another note Jazmin has put a lot of effort into “coming out of her shell” and being bold enough to steal a kiss off Quick and even slightly dream of him (in a heated way) that she has become attracted to him,yet she too is restraining herself from jumping Quick’s bones to satisfy her needs or didn’t you notice it much?

Somehow everybody thinks that Quick will end deadly bad, if he’ll refuse Jaz or go on “unserious” date with her, to return to Chrissy after that.
At the same time mentioning how kindhearted and cute he is, not to mention how LUCKY he is!
I doubt that he’ll end in somewhat bad situation, if their relationship with Jazmin will turn to be fail.

I guess they forgot one man that has “the sense” and brains you know. You always got to have a 4th man when dealing a girl problem. So we can avoid this event when your “ex-gf” unknowingly is at the door and just ruined that moment with that “man speech.”

wow, what an inspiring page. quick, after some encouragement from his fellow bros, decides to take a major risk and go for what is so provocatively splayed out in front of him. and then his girlfriend (maybe) and her rival show up, apparently in earshot of his sudden epiphany. never have I seen a man so screwed up before.

Well tha- Tur! Wait wait wait! … Wasn’t Chrissy the main character and not quick? Am I right in assuming that the story has done a switch and Chrissy is less important than when she started? There is either little screen time with Chrissy in it or Quick is always there occupying it. When did Quick become number 1?

In the original casts pages Chrissy was number 1. She’s the first to appear at all in the comic and then Quick came in. So either you guys forgot who was the main character or somewhere along the line, this comic got character confused somehow. Why is Quick now the lead character?

I don’t think that there is one main character persay. The comic seems more to focus on the relationships between the various characters. Not every story needs a singular main character and a bunch of supports. If anything, I think a story with multiple main characters is better, because then you can do more with it.

Ima be sad of Jaz doesn’t get Quick. I mean come on, Quick needs someone like Jaz they make such a interesting couple xD i can imagine all the laughs we would get if they do, plus Jaz has one hella better body then Chrissy. *drools* xD quick would be really sore in the morning after a night with her XDD would love to see what would happen

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