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That is what I would call a proper kiss to show your affection for the one you want to love and cherish. A fitting completion for a chapter by ending on a positive emotional tone.

Man if only Quick’s parents were here to see this, then maybe they’d know for sure that Quick is ReDating Chrissy and is not dating Jazmin, although Jazmin would be better off dating someone her age or two years older than her, maybe she’d be better off dating an anthropomorphic dog like a Beagle or a German Shepherd? Y’know what I mean?

Oh my…Is Chrissy going to make Quick squeal with his mom’s advice? #Rascals_Reference
And Reiko…when will you never not make anything fun. XD

well Amp that’s because she is looking out for those two as she knows they are a little clumsy at relationships but she holds them both very dearly almost like siblings to her, but she wouldn’t mind either (1 having a threesome with them or 2 sampling either one for a fun teaser)(you know she now wants Quick’s sister if given the chance XD)

If Quick and Chrissy are back together now and they’re going to keep their relationship going n the next chapter, I’m not complaining. Forgive me for saying this but I know Chrissy said she intends to make it all up to Quick but I would find it interesting that in some point in the next chapter, they end up taking a shower together. However, I don’t know if that will happen but I digress.

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