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Well…Hawke is ruined now. We’ll all know that Knuckle-Up is just an act now :/

You do realize there their presence here is non canon right?

if you remember Liona’s script was for a knuckle up movie. these are the actors playing Hawke.

You might be right and it would make sense I guess….But we’ll see.^^

It could be like some of the comic universe’s where in one universe it’s real but in another it’s just a comic or a movie or even a show. And yes that is an official comic multiverse use that has been implemented by quite alot of people.

And the fun just got double, Love It.

Wow i thought it was awesome that you brought fem hawke into this comic with a new persona but to bring both and make them fraternal twins was a stroke of genius, Of which you are. Good job Sir, Jolly good job

Yay. now I don’t have to be conflicted of being attracted to Hawke’s female form XD

There was a reason to be conflicted?

Well what would you do if you found out a girl you liked used to be a man? it’s a bit more complicated when you’re straight

In our world or a world with magic?

In our world, I would probably be a little creeped out for various reasons.

In a world with magic? I would think the magic would alter more than just appearance, it would alter genes, dna, etc – it would be a woman in all ways due to the way magic can work.

speaking as a transgender woman, a post-op trans woman is near indistinguishable from a cis gender woman
you can be straight and still be with a trans woman, as a trans woman may have been assigned male sex at birth, but they are female in brain and body by the end of their transition, and identify their gender as a woman

XD What sort of weird relationship do these siblings have that they can openly talk to each other about stuff like that XD

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