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I detect dangerous intoxication.

Who it’s dangerous for is up for debate at this point.

Either intoxication or relatives.

Either way it’s not good.

Why not intoxicated relatives?

5k says it’s his mother. THAT is gonna be a pain to deal with.

Why do I feel like we’re about to meet ANOTHER girl from Quicks life?

By the sounds of it, it’ll be his mother

Its his mom isn’t it? No one and I mean NO ONE!! Anyone knows would say their full name like that except the parents.

Robot Chicken Man….What a twist?

But in all due seriousness, I’m somewhat slightly surprised that Quick actually forgave Chrissy that easily and quickly too. I guess I can understand both sides of this argument. Deep down inside, Quick truly does love Chrissy (Seriously, it did take him two years for him to say it out loud). And he did have plenty of opportunities to take out others such as Jazmin way back in the mall arc and Raven…well really multiple times with her as she pretty much threw herself at him, both metaphorically and quite literally XD But it really does beg the question as to whether she deserves a second chance with all she’s done and that baggage. Granted he understands that the baggage did result in her decision to get the background check, still somewhat of a trust issue there.

Also, I noticed that Chrissy isn’t crying…why is that?

You know, I’m not going to lie, but I suspect that scream is yet another woman, which would bring it up to five women! That’s…that’s just freaking awesome xD

Amp you should know by now that Quick will forgive her because he kinda understands the position she put herself in and from what he heard from her 1st hand he asures her that he is NOT the other guy nor will he ever become him,
as for the thundering cry from the heavens only a parent might make an addressing such as that!

In the second speech bubble shouldn’t it say “…to fast and I panicked.”?

No ‘too’ is the correct word to be using in that situation.

aw, I’ll be honest, I really wanted to see Quick and Jazmin go on a date or two, but by the looks of it, that won’t happen. She’s gonna be crushed. :c

Wow I gotta say I wasn’t expecting Chrissy to be forgiven so quickly or that they be back together so quickly either. However I have a basis since I hoping for QuickXJazmin. Oh well at least we get a new twist with what I guess is a new character or Quick’s mom. Either that or a very intoxicated friend or sis who knows his full name.

Quick had already forgiven Chrissy all she had to do was apologize and they could resume dating

love the almost kiss…It’s about time he set her straight…Just wishin that he’d gone with Jaz

technically he didn’t she finally set herself straight after a little nudge from him.
he’s always been the one to put her in the position to make her final choice clear and basically that’s what she loves him for, despite the nuances of the past/present

So it’s either his mom or his dad… Quickly! Get the popcorn and assorted snacks and beverages! *pardon the pun*

O_O;;; whoa. sounds like the heavens just came down calling on “Quick” by his real name no less!!! Quinstopferson K Bourne Quick for short. anyways well it appears that 2 things have happened here #1 after Quick’s little hint Chrissy made up her mind and just asked him to promise her not to change, in which he asures her he never will. and #2 someone Quick knows has just arrived and are about to make things complicated for our man here! (Glory on the Moon Mercy on the Earth) things are about to get “Hot” again

that roaring noise, is that one of Quick’s parents or something? Cause somebody just called him Quinstopferson K. Bourne which sound like its quick’s full name, could that be his mom screaming his name?






Sorry, couldn’t resist x3
And to be perfectly honest, I misread the sentence there for a second “You bear a striking resemblence to the missing pron-” upon my my mind screamed for jsut a split second; “She is a WHAAAT!? O.O”

wow, major surprises here. did not expect our draconic friend to be a princess. can’t wait to see what the ru-special is.

the way she phrased it I suspect it’s probably a deluxe styled scale scrubbing exclusively for dragon skin? buuut notice the fact that Swoop is “Nude” there telling her to shush up ^^

really, I thought it would be like one of those special massages where the masseuse rubs them down with her bosom, like some girls do at car washes. I think that would be better than the scale scrubbing, and more readily available for creatures with more fragile skin than dragons. now, when you say swoop is “nude”, are you aware of the skin-tight outfit she’s wearing, or did you just glance over that. Genuinely curious here, not trying to insult you.

anyone notic that yellow dragon has same hair as ranma from ranma 1/2

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