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Too Hasty

Too Hasty published on 17 Comments on Too Hasty

Heya guys sorry for no update about my trip to megacon Last weekend I had a very awful week fighting with Comcast customer service which is still an ongoing struggle to this day XD I do hope my string of bad luck is over now ^_^  On the way to the Con the rental car broke down and i was stranded for 5 hours making me late to the con on friday I arrived within the final hour XD, saturday was ..interesting   but all in all  Megacon was awesome I had a blast with Ron from Caribbean Blue meeting the fans and seeing all the other artist  work the floor , for my first Con it was a very big learning experience and i cant wait for my next one

but here is Tonights update folks Enjoy Love you all ^_^


It’s all PRETEND Liona, it’s not REAL at all… The movies are fake and scripted so it’s “all right” to “kiss” another girl even though it’s a movie and NOT real doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. *You see as I’m playing reverse psychology here to “trick” her to do that scene anyway. You guys know that you’re thinking the exact same thing here now, don’t you?!*

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