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Hurray!!! Jazmin finally put a stop to the nonsense by acting serious (despite the fact both moms think otherwise) so now lets see if Quick manages to do his part and clears up the “mess” afterwards

Looking at his current reaction that’s highly unlikely. Especially if he considers his own track record with non-sex crazed ninja girls. As soon as he mention not dating Jazmin that when all heck will break lose with her mother.

but slash the problem is she is assuming that Quick n Jaz are dating without taking a serious opportunity to listen to him or her,
she is blinded by the urge for grandkids at the time, and Gloria is helping fuel those assumptions too eagerly also, but hopefully it will get sorted out in the long run

Before or after quick wakes up in the hospital… where the doctor have oddly enough have a room reserved just for him set up before he even gets there.

gee Quick get a grip now don’t spaz at the mention of being in a hot tub with her now (not a bad Idea but better to do with Chrissy) also did his mom said she was in the Indy 500??? 0_0;
glad to hear the move went well so all that’s left is after settling down teh house warming party XD

Dude! Girlfriend first! Super sexy hot tub fantasy later!!

But… Dat ass dough… What about dat ass?

*SMACK!!* control yourself man!!

Thank you sir! Won’t happen again! i think…

you were gonna do hot tub :3 with me <///<

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