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There’s two ways this can play out.

One: Chrissy totally botches her match playing as the worst character ever and Raven tries to kill her.

Two: Chrissy wins her match with a flawless victory leaving EVERYONE with a totally stupified expression on their face.

Personally I’m hoping for option two cause it’ll be way more funny!

Scary thing is, everyone always underestimates the power of hilarity. >.> The underdog constantly wins because they always try harder because of constant mocking by the over-powered first-stringers.

people think that Dan in SF is a joke character buut if used correctly Dan can Whip you stupified it’s all I got to say as I too have used Dan and kicked major butt

Dan is, hands down, the best character in Street Fighter. Ever. Of all time.

I wonder if it’s like Street Fighter 4, where the character in question has a reputation for being a bad character even though he’s decent, and the mere -idea- of losing to Dan is what makes them panic into a loss to begin with…

Fun fact.

I used to play 2-D fighters pretty hardcore in my local state here. Godai and I used to talk about them a lot. I used to play when I was…erm…about ten years ago for money and made a good living off it for a couple months. (Mainly in SSBM, SSBB, and SC2-3. Sometimes in SF, but I was never that good at SF because I played Tekken more growing up.)

This will be fun 😀

hey Ravin, which Tekken character was your favorite? personally I like to divide my time between Hwoarang, Steve Fox, and Lee Chao Lan

I used to main Hwoarang in Tekken 1 – 2. Then I think in Tekken 5 they had another chick who mainly used kicks, but she was banned in most Tournies because one of her combos were inescapable and it could do 75% damage to someones health if it connected. Think her name was Lili?

and yes. I loved King also. Him and Jin. I used to think it was cool to infinite grab combo someone like I was the coolest thing ever until I discovered you could escape grabs effortlessly.

The joys of being 12 and playing vidya games.

amen to that, sooo which character was the bane of your existence? right now, for me, it’s gotta be Azazel or Jin

Yo, don’t dis the dan. I rock dan in local matches. I picked him because he was considered one of the worst in the earlier iterations, but being able to spam taunts has become my goal in matches…. then i started winning while doing that so yeah XD

His Dankukyaku is the best move ever.

The fact that his Shisso Buraiken outdoes Akuma’s Shin Shun Goku Satsu- a move that for the most part has no defense beyond avoiding it- is delicious. I’ve made people rage at me because they didn’t know that -my- Ultra beats -his- Ultra. X3

Um – I’d have asked his on the Las Linda page when the new design first showed up, but the comments are disabled, so…

On the new design, how do I navigate to other katbox comics?

Sweet Christmas!

wrong holiday

God-dammit, how come this cool stuff never happens in the Kansas City area?

because texas nor kansas dont have sexy female vizards yet

I meant the conventions bro, in the tampa area. How come people like Godai can’t show up at furry conventions in the Midwest? I’m hoping to go to one in a few days, it’s theme is Furry Fantasy (FInal Fantasy)

Because NOTHING ever happens in the Midwest.

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