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Subtle plug there Liona!

Last week I was considering dropping this comic from my bookmark files because there has been an excessive numberof gag pages recently and the story veering away from more serious plot lines. Now a more serious and necessary story page is posted this night. Deletion has been temporarily rescinded.

shes either A. pregnant and doesn’t fell ready or B. not pregnant and is disappointed

ok call me delusional but the look to Chrissy’s facial expression and mild blush line there is that perhaps since she n Quick are so close she is kinda “sensing” his mood of sorts,
it’s kinda a 6th sense of sorts when you can tell if someone you know close to you is in trouble or of the sort same way when something good has happend to somebody you get an unexpected happy feeling (yeah i know it sounds weird but it’s kinda a “soul link or connection to another person go figure)
other than that little ms sensible there just blurted out wether or not Liona is pregnant and by the looks of her face it appears that it’s true, cause Liona isn ot the type to lead people on yknow

I love how Raven is speaking as one who knows first-hand how devoted Quick is to Crissy.

Raven is a very good friend.

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