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wait! is leona preggers or what?!

that will be told in the next segment as if you noticed the story is changing between her story and Quick’s job story

oh. but it doesn’t have to change so many dange times!

Reiko just became the luckiest girl in the world!

noooooooooooooooooooo…….we’re the luckiest READERS in the world……just think what she’ll be doing at her knew job!!!!! (or who she’ll be doing)

I now have a mental image of Quick’s face of Chrissy did take that offered job…and he found himself photographing her without and warning.

Edit: I now have a mental image of Reiko suggesting Chrissy do photo shoots with Quick – the results only to be seen by the two of them (and Reiko sneaking it) – as a way to get Quick more comfortable with the photo shoots he does on the job.

Why did she have to say “Yes” ? WHY ?!

Reiko?! In the nude modeling business?! God have mercy on those models’s souls.

More importantly… God watch over those who look at those pictures once they’re published!
WARNING!!! – Do NOT operate any machinery or do any kind of multi-tasking whatsoever while reading this issue. We will NOT be responsible for any accidents that may occur…

Hmmm, let’s see…Reiko clamped around her shoulders…screaming “THANK YOU!” into her ear…she said yes, didn’t she?

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