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I get the feeling that Quick’s about to meet Jazmin’s family. Go to the KB forum to see more insight into the matter.

either that or Raven’s family.

I actually have the feeling that it may be the family of a certain douche-bag who we last heard was being taken away by a certain red-haired police officer…

( I hope not 😐 )

I have to agree with you on that one MrAMP. First Jaz aludes that her mother wants to set her up with the son of a very wealthy family, then Quick’s veery wealthy dad says one of his clients is interested in meeting all of them, but in particular Quick, so, yeah. Collision course for sure.

and the beast has been tamed.

or whipped

OHH BURN! nice one!

why thank you sir

By the way, Godai, what’s Quick’s father’s name? Please tell me it’s something like Quincy or Gerard or Claude, not Albert or Bobby

Quick’s father is certainly a jerkass.

Well, actually, i’m with his dad on that point. Quick is a mature boy already and he still lives on parent’s money? Then i get HIM as a jerkass! I went to get a job at 12 and got to know how money makes and their worth for a young age. SO seeing guys of late teens or higher, bitch about how their parents are a jerks or sucks for being tight with money or expensive girfts for their precious asses – making me sick and want to kick them in the balls.
Everyone need to work and get money for themselves at some age, to get experience and to learn how to live alone, and afford the life for yourself. (i’m living aside of my family after i hit 18 and barely get help from them.)
New generation just pisses me off for being so whiney, ungrateful and bitchy for no reason!

Its illegal to make a 12 year old get a job so I’m doubting your story, unless you’re from some country that makes children work or you’re quite old. Child labor laws and all that. 16 is the minimum age at which one may have a job.

Yes, your parents dumping you at 18 and no longer caring about you has done such wonders for your disposition. Shame on them. Its not the fault of my generation or the current one that yours was lacking in certain moral standards and that parents of the time had no trouble using their children for labor instead of letting them be children while they still had the chance.

Depends where you work, I’ve got friends who were working from the age of 13, mostly paper-rounds (which even 10 year olds can apply for) but also local markets don’t actually have a minimum working age. I do agree with nekus though, I’ve been working since I was able and I’ve not relied on my parent’s income since I was about 14. I’m 26 now and there are still people my age and older not bothering to work while their rich parents continue to pay for their slacking off. I had to learn to drive with my own money, buy and maintain a car with my own money and I’m currently paying for a degree and housing with my own money. So whiny rich kids who have their lives just handed to them get on my nerves somewhat.

*brofist* That’s exactly how i feel.. And not only from RICH kids being whiny. Imagine poor families, where parents can’t afford too much to give to their kids, they give them all the love and good treatment they may, but instead what they get? “That’s not an iPhone, you jerk! I don’t want shitty Nokia!” or “WTF, man?! You’re so miserable! Why can’t you bring more money! My friend’s dad make five times like you! I need new clothes to wear!” (well, obviously i’m overacting, but i’ve heard and seen myself cases like that), or even seen situation like that. not long before – some woman walked with her 8 years old looking son at street. he stuck somewhere behind and she called for him to what he answered, “You wait, bitch!” I was in utter SHOCK! If it was MY kid, be sure, his butt would be so sore for a week! And THAT is our NEW generation?! I’d rather DIE from cataclism, than would live in world filled with so many little shits that think they’re already grown up and know EVERYTHING about life. And to be even more sad – they don’t even change A BIT with time! That’s just awful..
Hope my comment wasn’t too messy to read. ^^’

Hey, I’m studying to be a teacher, that comment’s more readable than most so far 🙂 I see that a lot over here, I live in a generally poor area, but fashion and the media has created hordes of kids who would rather be in huge debt than be behind on the latest style, and it’s the low income parents that have to try and juggle their meagre finances to cope with it. As for the attitude and language, I agree. If my kids behave or talk like that their life would be hell until they made up for it. Unfortunately all you have to do is turn on the TV to see where their getting it from. Today’s role-models are rappers, the Kardashians and other rich, drug addled celebrity. And people wonder why I threw out the TV…

Thanks alot, man! XD Telling me, that my comment is one of most readable, made me proud for learning english for 12 years at school and then improving it via chats! :3
No wonder i don’t watch TV for, already 5 years, because there’s nothing more than some crap and brain washing over there.
My opinion – kids lower than age of 12-14 shouldn’t watch TV or get to go into internet at all or be controlled for what they watch, OR at least talked about what they saw to not get wrong expression of what they’re seeing. Most parents this days just hand their kinds to television and think they’ll grow right on their own. Well, too bad for our world.. =_=

That might be a little extreme but I get the sentiment. The internet is a useful tool, but a responsible parent would naturally set up viewing controls to protect the kids. As for TV, I fully support not owning one, children need to spend their childhood developing and growing (in the most fun sort of way obviously) , not glued to a screen all day.

Well, try to take your head out of the box about “parents using their kids, yadda-yadda” and stuff, and think about it on other side.
No one DUMPED me to work, i did it on my own. I WANTED to work. My parents are of a high moral, so do not think about them, as some harrassers of a child working force.
I DIDN’T WANTED my parents to suffer from money loss for everything i was needed, exept what they were must to give me (as school, closes, sleeping place, food and time to have fun), as their child. Like going to party, get a gf (yes i had one for 2 years at age of 12) and give her presents on money that I got by MYSELF. You know how much pride that gives? And not only to myself. My mom was so proud of me for their son to grow up so fast!

I worked at my father’s storage on half a shedule, being treated like a golden boy, which i didn’t wanted to happen. But i worked and owned MY money for MYSELF and keep doing so from there, and now on.

THAT what new generation lack of. Most kids nowadays just DON’T WANT to mature and instead they only cry about, how parents so ungrateful for having their precious kids. THAT’S what i’m pissed off about.
And comment like Max West made: “Quick’s father is certainly a jerkass.” – made me just mad. Why his dad a jerk?! He’s the one who runs the money in family and sue me, but quick is no longer a KID no more! From what i remember – he’s a student. A mature man, that could work and own money to live on his own. Maybe his dad is too harsh with desidions on cutting his money AT ALL, but the treatment is sure needed for young man to understand the term “Where money are come from and what they worth.”
That what i said and meant. Need more detailed explaination?

guys not for nothing but please don’t Hijack the comments section for your discussions that appear to be your own personal views, this is about the comic story nothing more (no i’m not anyone with authority but i’m being sensible to give you two a heads up) unless you want real authority to step in (please don’t flame me for mentioning it not looking for trouble here)

Yep, didn’t like Quick’s dad at first glance, don’t like him now either. You can make heck of a living on games mate. You look down on gamers, the gamers will look down on you. Why get an office job full of paperwork that’ll jsut stress you into a tightarse wen you can earn money by making, testing, reviewing, producing games? heck I know squat about anything tech-wise, niether practice nor theory, but even I could still get some game-related job if I worked for it. Altough I can’t say it’s a goal Im stricing for, I just want to point out the possibility :3

Well, here’s obviously not a talk about making money out of TESTING games, but Quick’s dad makes a point of: “Would playing games for a whole life give you enough money to go to college, rent house and get food?”, they’re talking about a gamer’s competition not a work in game testing. I think you’ve got slightlky wrong idea here.. ^^’

But he obviously looks down on people who plays videogames and aren’t superrich tightarses -3-

Well, i could agree with you on the side of looking down on gamers, but can’t fully agree with the part about being bad with those that not rich. We only met that guy, let’s not be so super steriotypish at the very start.
That he is rich, doesn’t mean he should treat bad those that are not, like Chrissy’s previous BF was all about.

man quicks father cant even let quick have abit of fun talk about a jerk but i have something that will fix him *pulls out a baseball bash with the words “teaching a lesson” on it* if this wont work then theres the old plan b blackmail and if that fails plan c will do it

I think Quick had enough fun for his whole life from being a little kid. I’m sure, the one who need a lesson here – is Quick.

all work and no play makes jack a dull boy and if dont like it then *snaps fingers which a army aiming their guns at neksuscat* do you feel lucky well do you punk

Well, that’s a great idea. Except that unified kingdoms usually don’t last for more than generation or two before falling apart.
Then again, they are dragons, so I guess their generations are quite long…

Also, whenever I think her name I start hearing “MILF” in there… Is that intentional?

No it just you imagination. lol I noticed it to now that you mention it.

I noticed the same thing


I got to say so far I like this character.Minus the selfish arranged marriage thing, and also RUN SWOOP RUN!!!!! Second where the heck is/are her other daughter/daughters?

Maybe its a buy one get one free, marry one daughter get a pesky little sister in law free?

Lol. I like the way you think my friend.

Lets just hope they are the sharing type?

Depends entirely on their disposition, i have read about and witnessed packs of wolves where the alpha male has litters with half the females in the pack and none of the females have any problem raising one anothers pups or with whom of the females the alpha male is with at any given time. If you get an overly posessive type then yes it may happen in the way your thinking but you never know really unless your inside their head and understand everything they are doing and the reasoning why. As i understand it dragons have anywhere from one to a dozen eggs depending on climate, food sources, and species, so you never know really how many females or males Mai has produced.

You also have to consider the fact that these dragons are humaniod based dragons, and may not think like you would expect with the whole pack mentally thing. Also I haven’t heard much about dragons being in huge like wolves. (I’m aware they are myths/fictional for anyone want to point that fact out)

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