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-Grabs a mic hanging from the ceiling by its cord.- LETS GET READDDDY TO RUMBBBBLLLEEEE

hm hm hm, it’s about to get interesting from here! *grabs chair and some popcorn with fried chicken!*

if she’s not texan with a name like Isabella kane and askin if’n he wants to tussle (see even i start doing it when i read the lines, the southern gal in me just comes bustin out x3)…ima riot, you hear’n me Godai, i will take off my good shoes and riot all over this comic 😛

Ruh Roh Rorge! Better be careful of those tigerwolf lookin’ fighters. They’re dynamite n will knock ya out!

Great CM Punk reference with the days as Champ but if it’s anything like Punk’s (434 days) this match is in the bag for Skye. Still no Bruno Sammartino though (2,803 and 1,237 days respectively) or Bob Backlund (2,135 and 1,470 days)

Foul! No self respecting wrestling organiser would allow a man to beat up a girl! Or visa versa! Their manliness would forever tainted! XP But more seriously, I never did understand the gender division in wrestling and such, I mean, some of those girls are bigger than the guys!

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