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I predict poor Skye will be struggling by the end of the contest by lack of blood pumping round his body other than to a vital organ obviously XD. So we now have Quicks sister and Reiko in a thong competition :O This is going to be awesome. MasterGodai will there be any new pages on FA for this arc ?? 😀

Beware.. the TIT CRUNCHER! I believe I speak for everyone (guys AND gals) that they’d rather pass out than to tap out.

You want him to teach you, Issy?

Sure thing. JUST, GET, BI, CURIOUS, FOR ONE, NIGHT. *flips the table*

Also, FFS, Jenny, get over yourself. Don’t get me wrong, you have a fine ass body (and a fine ass, period), but you’re nowhere close to being up in the same league as Reiko. Reiko is practically a living mass of pure sex appeal.

I imagine Quick is a regular patient at a local hospital. Mostly because of all the blood transfusion. Seriously, from all the nose-bleeds to breast-suffocation, how’s he still alive?

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