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Surfs Up (filler)

Surfs Up (filler) published on 103 Comments on Surfs Up (filler)

A filler this week Everyone , Got some Personal stuff that happened last night That took all of my workday to sort out and when i finally sat down to work i was still too highly upset to focus I will be back to normal for next week , So enjoy Bikini Chrissy and all who Support through Patreon Enjoy the Clean Larger Version XD


as Quick would say: SWEET FLUFFY MERCY!!

Ok now while you have that though in you head I want you to imagine the the reiko version of this.

Rei-r-Rei-!!! HNN!! (Nose bleeds fainting) hotness…overload…

*imagines it and almost dies from blood loss and heart failure*

To make sure I don’t get sued I’ll post this again Disclaimer: Slasheredge cannot be held liable for any nose bleed related blood loss or deaths. On the ground that it’s your imagination so Slasher has nothing to do with it.

Disclaimer: Slasheredge cannot be held liable for any nose bleed related blood loss or deaths. On the ground that it’s your imagination so Slasher has nothing to do with it.

I have no idea what you are talking about. I had no murderous intentions what so ever…. PLus al deaths by result of this are the fault of the ones who don’t realize that they can’t have fun time with reiko whenever they want. Since fictional reality are real in another dimensional plane and you just need a portal watch like the one on my wrist…. You did hear or read that last part.

Here is the thing. Most people don’t want to commit suicide thinking about these stuff. It’s kinda like don’t think of the pink elephant. You never think about it until someone mentions it.(this is a harmless example). Oh well sweet death.

Ha which one. I’m set up in the multiverse, and unless you can jump between dimensions (without meet the alternate version of yourself, and destroying a whole dimension) then my internet is safe. 😛 Well in some dimensions at least….

I’m not thinking it. It’s been proven since trust me your not the first that’s tried this. IN most case the other toasted the the universes or dimensions. Besides what are you complaining about is you go to another dimension ya get a new body while a dimension for a fictional universe anyway.

I can’t get a clear look on the whole picture. My nose is bleeding to much.

As for pal is ya see my response to another post I suggest for your own safety that you don’t imagine to reiko version or the jolty one.

I blame you for my death of nnosebleed.

ill get the shovel^_^

Read my disclaimer a little further up the page and you can see why I can not be blames, and I warned you for your on safety so that double protects me.

Then I will kick some ghost ass. *Voice turns monstrous and shakes the whole internet* ANYONE WHO MESSES WITH MY INTERNET CONNECTION WILL FACE OBLIVION!!! EVEN IF THEY ARE DEAD!!! Especially this close to the next rascals update.

Holy crap. That’s hot.


Ok now imagine the reiko, and jasmin versions stand side by side you giving you a hug. This should help your recover.

or kill you

*comes out of doctor’s clinic after donating blood and clean bill of health* *sees Chrissy in bikini* O.O;;; Medic Medic!!!

You know the medic is reiko in a sexy nurse outfit right, and that jazmin is the doctor only reiko was in charge of her uniform right?

*come back from imagining bikini reiko (thanks to the auto-rise spell and some hi-potions) see NURSE reiko and DOCTOR jazmin dies from blood loss and super sexy mental overload soul leaves body and goes into soul reaper form*

Is it just me, or have her breasts gotten bigger?

Everything about Chrissy has changed some, cute short hair slight larger bust size her body markings and fur pigment is lighter even her personality has changed some making her more of a sweetheart,
We need more pin ups from the gals to see their “evolutions” IMHO

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