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Did she SURVIVE?

I think so, despite the internal bleeding and the probably fractured spare ribs. actually on second thought she should probably get checked for a punctured lung.

Can someone remind me where they talked about this curse in the past, because I have no idea what’s even going on here for the last few pages.

but how did she get it?

Apparently it’s fueled by rage and despair, a sort of “cornered wounded tiger” response.

This “Curse” is the result of being both taunted and lied to intensely by some rival she had back in her youth, then the trauma of accidentally breaking Nicks arms for him trying to contain her and realizing what she had done forced her mother to deal a sealing blow on her sparing her from having to kill her own daughter at the time was a tough choice that worked,
and ever since then she’s lived containing that power in check until today, now we’ll see what happens afterwards

O_O DAMN!!!!! Issy is out cold..

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