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HAHA i love Reiko <3

"You would screw just about anything, wouldn't you…"

You say that like it's a bad thing Jen 😀

Also: Damn Jen is stuck up! O.o

better than Reiko, in her dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

only if skye n her double team her to give her a “memorable” moment then she’ll sing another tune X3

i officially dont like jen now >_> she is the rich snob, not Quick

Rich you say? Wait til she hears from daddy your cash cards been Revoked!
Her face will be precious

well she isnt rich anymore but thats where her attitude came from

uhh Jenny does not know her father cut her cash cards have been revoked yet, so her personality issues stem from elsewhere (since she got together with Skye before he met Rei so she has this concept that they were meant to be together despite separation)

Lord have mercy.

gee you think so? she thinks she’s creme de la creme, and if not careful Rei will be forced to “sample” her if she keeps it up XD

Reiko keeps a little black book? Then again who doesn’t?

if I may ask… what’s a Menage a Trois? I feel I’ve heard it before but I’m too scared to google it

it’s probably french for having a 3some (Rei style) :3

her definition is probably A LOT dirtier

Perhaps but it would show her to respect when a guy is taken, plus a humility lesson?

I really… don’t like Jen to be completely Honestbut that’s probably because she attempted to insult my fave character right there i mean COME ON How do you do better then Reiko?! She Hawt, Intelligent, Kicks everyones ass in hand to hand combat. And woman is a complete Nympho xD She’s a bit if a hoe in a playful way though 😡 but im like that aswell so i see no wrong with that XDD

I have just come to the conclusion that if there are 2 or more girls around, there’s bound to be trouble. Well, in this comic, at least.

I wonder if she has any truly redeeming qualities? Of course, we’ll have to wait until after she recovers from lack of money/support/everything that she’s been used to…and why do I get the feeling she may be one of the main reasons that daddy took the card n’ keys away?

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