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So… What happened to making the parents look their age the next time they showed up?

I think they look a lot better. GIven some more age worthy features they would be fine.

Adding a bit of facial hair to the guy doesn’t make the two of them look older. Literally nothing else has changed.

dude, seriously, quit complaining, just enjoy the damn comic

you could tell him the change isn’t all that noticeable, because I see quite a bit of change actually, the guy’s face is longer and he has a bit of chin stubble now, so you can’t say “literally nothing has changed”

didnt she tell her husband to grow facial hair due he looked to young to be his real age and she was always getting comments that she was rocking the crib when they commented on her age compared to him to her?

he starting to look slightly older

wait what in the world just happend?
Quick n Jazmin just got automatically paired up and they aren’t getting a chance to properly explain themselves,
this is not going to end well if their “issues” aren’t cleared up

yep.. they did making the entire arc about quick Crissy breaking up seem invalid after all this and what jazmin told crissy about not waiting next time it seems the parents have decide that jazmin and quick are already the couple theyre not.. cant wait for either quick or jazmin to break it to the parents and or wait for crissy to tell them she with quick again.. whatever going to happen its going to be major let down for someone and hurt someone feelings in the process

yes and the problem there is letting the parents know the real issue without #1 insulting the parent and daughter in the process #2 remaining friends and in good terms with both parties (his parents and Jazmin and her Mother) without complicating things and not giving a wrong impression (like why wouldnt Jazmin be his girlfriend n such)

I am guessing that Jasmine will go along with the charade for the remainder of the day, then quietly reveal the truth to her mother. What may be a problem, is, how will her mother handle it? Maybe she’ll begin a confrontation with Quick later on, asking why her daughter isn’t good enough for him.

And Quick will need to sort the facts with his parents. Maybe his mother won’t be happy with being told the truth, now that she has her own visions of grandchildren being born. Chrissy may be confronted by his parent’s that she isn’t good enough for their son. How that will go, we won’t know, in part, because we know so little about Chrissy’s background.

you bring up some very interesting valid points friend, but in the end more or less everything will work out properly just not as smoothly nor as easy as we think.

I’m not sure ‘everything’ will work out for the best, considering, for whom? Chrissy’s emotional insecurities are well established. Possible she may abandon him again; i don’t think Quick will have the wherewithal to endure being separated again. And Jaz was adamant that if Chrissy dropped Quick once more, she’ll do her best to be in a functional relationship with him.

I just noticed that mama Usagi has no right ear. Unless its hidden.

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