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Dear god, Raven’s a bitch.

Remind me why she has fans again?

1) I liked her when she was introduced, but now her jealousy and ego has changed my opinion.

2) I still think she’s hot.

She’s hot and calls Chrissy on her bullshit. In fact, apart from the bitchiness to Chrissy, she seems to get on with everyone else, too.
She’s also got more in common with Quick and isn’t afraid to come out and say how she feels unlike SOME people.

Damn the expense, break the racket over Raven’s inflated ego. After all, Quick’s a millionaire he can always buy you a new one.

They aren’t together anymore- Why would he buy her one?

they are still good friends! :O As for this page it just kinda solidifies my dislike for raven…she has a absolutely cute character design but her personality is just spiteful and mean…it makes me sad and conflicted. :<

P.S. I love the term Tonsil Hockey!

I donno, after the tug of war with Quick’s feelings, I am surprised he would. She was also so paranoid about his money situation, so why would he even approach her with a, ‘I can buy that for you if you break it’ motion. Don’t you think that would just push her away even more and make her uncomfortable?


Raven has an ego, Skylar is full of himself, Reiko is an undisciplined perverted freak, Ravin flurts with girls when he already has one, Jazmin has a bad temper and and acts bratty at times, and Cody just needs to be shot dead. Is there anyone I missed?

Zoey and Jabby and Trevor you forgot them

Look, I can see both sides to this. Yes, Quick is going out with Raven, but Chrissy did technically break up with him and he’s not dead or anything. At the same time, I can’t help but feel that Raven is just using Quick to get back at Chrissy over some sort of grudge.

But seriously, not trying to be that guy or anything, but why is she always in a bush anyways?

I got ask this. Is Raven just asking get her ass kicked? I mean she’s really pushing Chrissy’s buttons right now and judging from the look on Chrissy’s face. I suspect that she wants to knock Raven out.

Ok that date with QUick has to be fake, and I think Jazmin would have to best chance for that right now. Raven probably (If she even talked to Qucik) just asked him to help her with some studying or something, and just plans to make a move so that Chrissy can see it then misinterpret it .

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