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Heya Guys  Im back from NekoCon and it was a Blast Hanging with  Sage,SoulKat, ID, Danny,Tony, Tom and Ron was awesome even if I almost Fell into a Meat Coma the first night at a Brazilian Steakhouse oh and Dont Get me started with The TSA at the airport I swear i dont Know how that Fork Ended up in My Jacket ..but thats a Story For another time Enjoy the Page Folks ! Love you all XD


and THERE are the parents. also Rieko has a fun new rival.

I doubt shes even close to Reiko

there is one way to settle it but I think everyone knows that.

can I join??? where can I buy tickets to that?????

It’s not that I don’t want to see the aforementioned mudwrestling-pillowfight, but I’m at the moment more interested in how you would actually lock Skye in the closet given what he can do.

Maybe, tell him there are dirty magazines hidden in the back or something?

oh crap, fangirl session

and this is why you top Gravediggers list of favorite authors

This is why Gravedigger tops Bladist’s list of favorite Katbox commentators.

really????? I always get the impression that other commenters don’t like me

nah. your one of the good ones actually.

I guess its cause I’ve seen worse. net fights, no matter how vicious, are never as bad as real life fights where guns and tire tools are involved. so yea even after the tiff with sly your still one of the better ones. that and I usually like your analysis of pages. a sharp mind is hard to dislike.

Sharp and annoying are both relative to ones perspective I suppose(just like beauty and art). besides its not like I called you a genius. which you haven’t displayed any of yet. like I said sharp. both of tongue and (more often than people realize) wit. or I could simply be seeing things that aren’t there. but if you like this comic even remotely then you cant be very dumb. afterall they say great minds think alike and having scored between 122 and 130 on IQ tests multiple times I would say that puts you in pretty good company.

I think its just that once I start talking I don’t really stop, but that’s a lot harder to do when the person your talking to isn’t actually listening.

and I am actually pretty smart( scored 157 on !Q test) but I have Asperger’s so the attention problems sort of mask the good thoughts

They are gonna wonder why he spends all of his money on video games and hot babes.


Is that really a bad thing to spend your money on? XD
But I am curious what they’re going to talk about. It can’t be good if they actually tracked him down via cellphone.

Im still wondering the reason they tracked him down

1.either because he is spending money like that
2.hes on bad terms with his parents and they need him to do something he doesn’t like or….jugging from the sister
they want him to hurry up find a WIFE stele down and have A METRIC BUTT-TONE OF KIDS!!!!!!

Having trouble posting a comment? We apologize, but the few have ruined it for the many, and anonymous commenting is now off. You must now login before commenting using any number of methods. Sorry again for the inconvenience!

ah so that’s the reason las lindas + bonus comics comment sections are closed off. (due to the “flaming” of comments made by “non” regular fans vs regular fans and the bad mouthing of characters stories etc they could find to continue petty debates with others who replied to them. (but Mihari why was the post as guest option removed? cause posting password every time you want to comment is a chore when you are already a disqus member)

I’ve said it before, but it deserves repetition: I absolutely ADORE the artistry in this series. It’s so great to see a comic go from Page 1 quality to this in such a short time. Same goes for Lindas and the like: there’s a reason I’m still here after all this time, and the writing/characters are only half of it!

whats the other half?????

and this the reason MasterGodai is atop the the list of amazing webcomic authors

Twenty bucks one of these two has a beard. Probably the mother

just as we’re getting into the catfight between skye’s ex and reiko, quick’s parents show up. what next?

you get a girlfriend???

wow, that was cold. how do you know if I don’t have a girlfriend already?

im really sorry I dint mean to be offensive, I was just joking, I just threw it out there. a more appropriate phrase would be the 160 year old broke half-dead Gravedigger gets a girlfriend
wait, don’t you want a girlfriend???

why do i have the feeling they will both have two sweaters tied around their hips and shoulders wile wearing a sweater underneath…
sorry was that bad stereotyping? x3

yes it was, and I vote you down for lack of creativity.

hey, wait a minute, you look familiar!!!

it was just a dumb joke, no need for the insult

but you look really familiar to me from your picture

and there have been a few too many sweater jokes, no insult intended

wait!!! i want to hear more about skye!!! .////.


.-. sorry

I wasn’t calling you a pervert, its just since most of the readers(im just guessing) are lonely guys. and it makes us feel sad cause its not us they are talking about.

I burned through this comic the other day, I like it, but I have 2 main questions really.

1) How long has it been since page 1? I’m having trouble telling how long its been, apparently over 2 years according to a comment Quick made back on page 112.

2) I’ve seen 2 humans in the entire comic (minus the car dealer filler), are they a minority in this comic?

Again, really like the comic, looking forward to more updates.

I believe its been like a year(I could be wrong) and humans are a in fact a minority or so I believe.

you should be careful, all the regulars are looking for “guests” to beat the crap out of for ruining the comment section for Las Lindas.

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