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Reiko, thank you….. Now her sister on the other, saw what us people who have either practiced fighting or have some natural skill with noticed, so my money is still on the girl.

Actually I think she was more stunned and surprised/disappointed in what her sister just did IN PUBLIC when she thought Reiko looked like she was taking it seriously, I know I have that face when someone goes in the complete opposite direction of what I was expecting

But just for argument sake let’s hope she really let’s him have it much to Rei’s discontent and after defeating Skye flips Rei “the bird”

Rei would then proceed to assault her sexually, either that or just flatout beat the crap out of her, but lets face it, this comic could go either way, Skye could end up totally whooping her or he could get his butt kicked

To tell you the truth people think that just because she trained in ninjutsu with him that they are invincible n such, when it doesn’t matter if they learned a martial art if mentally they aren’t serious they can be defeated and a lesson in humility is always a good learning experience (tho a bitter one at that)

I’m thinkin it may be something to the effect of it turns out to be a far more difficult battle than he expected but he still comes out on top. then at the end because they are so curious they are all”who are you anyway?” and then it turns out to be his sister or something… that,s my guess.

Exactly Jazmin realizes that This girl got something up her sleeve with just looking at her fighting style, but dear sister is only interested in seeing her royal orbs exposed, (now I really want Isabella to give him a lesson in humility and make him “Toast” the pervy bum needs it)

I think you’re not giving Reiko enough credit. It’s possible that she’s thinking the same thing that Jazmin is, but until she sees something that she needs to be actively concerned about, she has no reason to be anything other than her usual self. This is a sporting event after all, and I would imagine that Skye has had defeats before now.

she’s Reiko, Reiko you’ll never know she’s gonna do next, cause she’s Reiko, Reikoooo…..

It could also be that is her way of telling Skye to take the fight seriously. Its not so easy to rip off a shirt and that would take extra concentration to do intentionally since not only do you have to concentrate on the fight, you now have to also concentrate on divesting her of that shirt.

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