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Quick is looking good, yet who came that freaked Trev out?

im guessing “THE LAW” is here

whom do you mean digger? you think a certain officer just showed up?

By quick’s rather unsurprised demeanor, i’d say its his sister.

What animal is Trevor based on? He has rabbit like ears but a long tail.

He’s a hybrid between Fox and Rabbit

A “fabbit” now that’s an unusual mix (not saying is impossible but rare)

ehh im thinking more like “faggit.”

Trevor should know that money doesn’t always win girls heart. Chrissy used to be like that, but she learned her lesson the hard way. Remember starting from page 157 to page 162? That was the real reason why she gave up looking for trust worthy man with money. Right now, Im very happy for Chrissy to find an honest man, like Quick. I still support for Chrissy and Quick as couples. Trevor is still the idiot.

well now it appears that everything is set for Quick’s job interview with the mild exception of Trevor interfering with his personal moment with Chrissy, and whomever just showed up to “pick” up Quick must be someone that Trevor might know or recognize, so we’ll have to wait n see who it is next week, (tho i’m guessing his sister might be the one)

Ohhh? Who is this mysterious person that has this guy almost shitting his pants? XD

remember what I said as I could be right (that might be his model sister)coming to pick him up, much to Trevor’s surprise

I’m going with his sister or jazmin showing up.

i’ll take that bet 1200 zels it’s his sister

I see your 1200 and raise you double!

ok then make sure you have brave frontier downloaded so you can either pay up or get paid (my SN is Achilles) and that would be 2400 zels

Oh, if it’s Quick’s sister and Trev gets smitten with her, we’re gonna see a 180 on his attitude with Quick. It’s awesome when jackasses get put through hell, but it’s even more rewarding to watch when they do it to themselves. Either way, this will be delicious.

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