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well evidently she has been a gamer gal 1st before being a crabby boy chaser so now that she is frustrated because she can’t jump Quick’s bones (or viceversa) She’s taking it out on the competition (unless either (A) a surprise “masked” Challenger appears (B) Sahara really turns the tables on her big time (C) she has to fight her own partner in the semi finals take your pick folks!

i think it will be the… “c” i guess “.______.)

Well that’s a good call being forced to fight her partner to take on the “Champ” would be epic to see Quick taking on Raven to see who’s the top “contender” to take on the Champion Ms Sahara (another potential cutie gf)

I do hope Raven doesn’t suffer under the Worf Effect.

to put it simply, our nigh-invincible fighter Raven will be beat by someone slightly more invincible than she is at/near the end. be it Quick, newcomer Sahara, or if Mastergodai decides to throw a Curveball, Mihari. With the “Worf Effect” in play you know the “Invincible” will fall.

I do like how even though she’s pissed at him, she’s still flirting with him. Her tail flicking under his chin is a nice touch. And I recognised Peter immediately. If there’s one small thing I think these comics do really well, it’s the cameos.

in response to Eliza’s thought in panel 2
“whatever you say baby” (grabs Eliza’s ass)

and promptly lose the hand.

here. Have some bandages for that shattered hand of yours.

what makes you think shell hurt me???

I dunno. Maybe it’s the fact that she doesn’t seem to need much reason to hurt anyone (she darn near ruined mr detective’s sex life just for revealing that he knew she was an undercover officer, remember?). Also, she seems to consider freakin’ LAW rockets to be standard issue weapons, who knows what else she’s packing? I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out she has a BFG9000 on her somewhere. At any rate, if you did try to grab her ass, she definitely would try to wreck your hand, so it’s good be prepared, just in case.

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