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oh come on chrissy never had sex at all to have a baby I’ve been watching the comic for years it’s gonna be a misunderstanding.

Chrissy has had sex before with Quick (hence the morning after their Limo ride we saw her in Quick’s bed saying she’s had a good night in a long time) they’ve had few “good times” once they hooked up, but not too often afterwards

which page was that on?

Well the shit dodged one fan, only to spatter in another.

Lol, oh Quick. What in the haven name do you think of?

Also, how did both Rally and Chrissy know each other? When did they first met?

Recap back to when Chrissy was telling Quick how she met Cody she is there in that story

What page was that, BlackWind?

page 158 you see her n Rally for the 1st time and in page 160 Rally as a good friend called Chrissy’s cousin to help her out of concern for her safety, Rally is Chrissy’s BFF ever since a real sweetheart

Reiko, you did that on purpose. You could have said, “before Chrissy starts talking about Leona’s baby”, but no. You had to phrase it in a way that would make Quick naturally think that Chrissy is pregnant.


Come on, that would mean she was thinking ahead.

Not necessarily. I’m betting she said it purely because she knew how Quick would react, and so there would be a suitably hilarious expression on his face. Which there was, so the bunny has achieved her fun.

Reiko is pretty much the trickster character of the group; she’s out to have some fun, and any problems that occur as a result are unintentional.

LOL. Now Quick has three things he can think.

1> He needs to talk to Crissy about their relationship… NOW!!! Ahhh… come on. This would be too sensible, even for Quick, when you consider the craziness and zaniness he’s surrounded by.

2> One of his ‘times’ with Crissy was a little more ‘complete’ than he thought. Since the comic hasn’t even hinted they’ve been having ‘times’, unlikely.

3> Crissy has been having ‘fun’ when Quick wasn’t involved. This is exactly the intended effect of her comment, though maybe will not lead to the intended result (come on, she more than likely hasn’t thought that far)

#1 and #2 are unlikely, but #3 is more fun.

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