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Oh ho ho well now seems like lil Ms ample bosom there is well informed of sorts I wonder if she has a thing for poor Quick getting so close to him like that, also Poor Chrissy she seems to be a bit annoyed with the situation and decides to break out and Quick can’t seem to put on the breaks on the conversation. Siiigh hope things get better soon for them both. ^^;;

what just happened? why did she run away!? ahhh! questions questions questions!….well guess I’ll have to wait until next update. :

It’s kinda obvious why she ran away. She has feelings for Quick (although she hasn’t admited it yet) and doesn’t like the idea of Raven getting together intimately with Quick let alone does she want to stick around to hear about it from him. (granted that what Zoe heard isn’t true, but Chrissy doesn’t quite know that)

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