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Ok, why is it that every d*** time some nudity is about to happen, it gets interrupted? This comic already has the same rating as some others dedicated PURELY to porn! I want some mutha f***in fanservice!

Oh god…please…God…please don’t let this end the way I PREDICT it will end in situations like these… D:

Quick, get help while you still can!!!

P.S: I still don’t really like Nexus. :<

I say ditto on all three accounts
Also, Nexus made Cena quit, not too happy about that XP

They didn’t actually fire him. I won’t say what, but WWE has plan for him. Don’t worry, Cena isn’t going anywhere. Also, let the record show that wearing a Nexus t-shirt will get you eaten alive around most fans. Still, I guess Raven isn’t as shy as I thought she was.

Just do what I do Quick

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
Come on man focus.

*he now calls upon the power of the intervention from beyond* now for 1 turn he saves himself from being taken by the temptresses power and lays 1 card face down that ends his turn for now XD
This is 1 superb and unexpected save but now Quick must turn the events around or he will be lost to give into Raven’s advances and lose Chrissy forever!
On the other hand wow Raven really looks hot n bothered to get it on with Quick as he’s turning to mush now “down little soldier” indeed X3

Wow how’d she get his shirt of in just one panel?
but hey its kinky.
I’m with ya quick im not good in awkward situations either but sadly i probably would have fainted then i would have been completely helpless.

Nexus seems to be doing what it always does. Interrupting things just when they are getting good.

Sorry Raven. You just got Nexus-blocked.

Whats next, Underpants with AWESOME on them?

NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL NO!!!!! We are NOT doing ANY Miz references what so ever!

This is why I don’t trust the “Cute” types.
If a women or teen finds out that she’s considered cute – and doesn’t take it as an insult – she instantly becomes as dangrous as a nucular bomb.
I say that for 2 reasons:
– first there’s their well-practiced “uber-cute face” and their abilaty to switch between cute & seductive at the flip of a switch, which are both VERY bad for your mental health if you try to resist
-and second there’s the fact that the cute ones have the dangorious abaility to go off in a thermo-nucular explosion of rage – or atleast they do in the world of comics – which would be VERY bad for your physical health if you got caught in the balst. Then again, it probibly wouldn’t be that good for your mental health either if you were the taget of that rage or only had only ever seen them in “cute” mode

I think it was a close call, but I wonder now in this situation of Quick and Raven to be in that position, while Chrissy being the “blocker?” O_o This is going to get REALLY messy here in the next strip, or not so messy when Quick just tells Raven of what’s the connection between him and Chrissy. =

She is cuter without her glasses

Ok, who in the hell protects themself with a friggin feather duster?

And next comic strip we return to the atomic chili the other gal was gonna make.
I really like Raven more than Chrissy, she is more straightforward and doesnt go messing around.

Honestly I was expecting something else totally unrelated to sex. The ol’ bait an’ switch trick. It looks like she’s about to try to have sex with him, but she’s really thinking about something else completely innocent.

Whether you look at this as a good thing because it prevents cliche, or a bad thing because it now makes breaking it off with Raven a lot harder, you completely averted that trope.

I have to say its the first time I saw a Mouse with that look, the look of a hungry cat that found a Mouse to pounce on. hehehe. I have to say she looks so sexy in the first part. So why cant I find a girl like her… that plays WoW, looks hot in a tube top and has red hair.

You can. Just get out of your Mom’s basement, wash your ass, lose that 500 pounds and visit one of the multitudes of nerd conventions, and BAM! you will eventually find a smoking hot WOW loving sex fiend. Just be careful… she could also be into weird stuff like choking and coprephillia. Also be sure if she is born and raised Japanese you take a little extra care to go it slow with her because as many of you know… the japanese are some of the most consevative and kinkiest people in the world.

GO Quick unleash yer inner power let the thunder god out and go supernova on tha booty shacking wow playing sosage begging mouse after words cry about yer actions like we know you will and try to figure out what to do in the next 5 pages i can’t weit

Wow.. Raven looks hot! sizzling hot!!.. and must know some great sleight of hand, quick is without his shirt in the last panel. Dude.. where can i get a girl like Raven.. or get Raven? And asking for the little soldier to stand down with a girl like her on top? Man, might as well ask for the sun not to shine.

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