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abort abort

Mission Failure Immanent….

hmm. I think she looks better with the glasses on.

As a fellow rodent, I can safely say that Raven looks gorgeous with or without the glasses!

Quick, get out of there now before you screw yourself over.

Although she looks hotter when she has her glasses off, she looks cuter when she has them on…
Now whether either one is better than the other is all a matter of opinion…

oh gawd, my foreshadow senses are tingling, i hope no one else witnesses whats going to happen with quick in the story >< poor quick and Chrissy

Dude her expression is as clear as the time she has the hots for Quick and Wants him right there and now (why do you think she’s getting comfortable and intimate with him), she does not expect the real reason he’s actually there and its going to be an ugly scene of sorts (unless Master Godai decides to choose one scenario we don’t expect)

DANGER Will Robinson!!! DANGER!!!! DANGER!!!! Bail out!!! Bail out!!!! ABORT!!!! ABORT!!!! D: You’ll reget it Quick if you don’t do something bout it!!! Also I’m thinking that there might be a “cockblock” scene soon on the next page. >.>

No trouble or abort abort about it. Quick, dude…the other girl ain’t gonna happen man. Here you have a Grade A+ First class Goddess that will probably grant your every wish. Then…you have the 50/50 girl. Do your thing man, take the hot mouse. Do eeeeet. (Pffft…I would. XD!)

CRITICAL ERROR!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!! Mission Parameters Compromised Abort Abort Escape while still able to,
No seriously if Quick submits to her advances even involuntarily if Chrissy finds out it’s all over for him, this is a very serious situation indeed now is not the time to get Shy/coy about it (blast the suspense must wait til Dec 3rd to find out XP)

Noting that the story is split between Quick and the curry, maybe we’ll have to wait until Dec.10

If he does go through with this he’ll be stuck in a apartment with Crissy.
1. If he tells her that he had sex with raven he’ll be stuck with a angry yet sad Crissy.
2. If he doesn’t tell her he’ll be stuck with the guilt everyday until Reiko or Skye finds out and starts blackmailing him or worse tells Crissy.
Either way quick make the smart choice you don’t want to live with the girl whose heart you broke.

Just tell her the truth u have an choice to make u like Crissy but you also like her but u don’t want anyone to get hurt.
Yeah that’ll be interesting.

My opinion don’t piss off the person u live with u see raven every once in a while, you see Crissy everyday.
But in the end it always comes down to who you love the most.

RUN AWAY! Not that I think it’ll help, mice are fast, right?


He cant have his cake and eat it too,but if it was me, id go for raven….id like a piece of her cheese cake if you know what i mean….id like to storm her citadel with my soldier just like the ashen verdict stormed Icecrown Citadel to pwnt the Lich King.

Don’t mean to be a grammar nazi, but… “Shagged her rotten?”
Also, I don’t mean to criticize (seriously, I’m just wondering!), but what do Chrissy and Raven find so attractive about Quick? (He’s pretty awesome, but neither one of them has… Y’know, mentioned his qualities or anything. XD;; )

Duuuuuuuuuude….just run w/ it. ‘sides, wouldn’t you want 2 (hot) girls coming after you? ;P

Uh, no. Not really. 😐 Considering that I am a girl.
And I’m just wondering. I mean, do they like him for his looks or personality? And which aspects? Girls usually have a tendency to go and talk about these things, you know? Bah, I guess you’re right… Maybe I should just quit looking into things so much. XD;

All Quick needs to do is to lay down the law, and his problems will be solved.

Dude, she took her glasses off…When a chick takes her glasses off and gives you that look are YOU gonna lay down the law or are you just gonna lay down with her? πŸ˜›

Temptation no man can ever resist.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Temptation is a bitch.

One of two things needs to happen with the dialogue on that page. it should be either “You shagged her rotten?” or “Did you shag her rotten?”…..Sorry…I yam a grammar nazi v.v

consider this, how often do people break grammar rules when speaking in real life? Since people DO break grammar rules in real life, then it’s perfectly fine to occasionally break them in dialogue. HOWEVER, the two options you present do have a better, more natural flow to them, I particularly think the former fits better than the latter.

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