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Rascals Pg 96: Boobs!

Rascals Pg 96: Boobs! published on 46 Comments on Rascals Pg 96: Boobs!

Trying something a little different with the layout and speech bubbles this week, folks! Let me know what you think?

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This months cameo spot: Jolty.


Gee, and I thought that it was only guys that got that distracted by how well endowed a woman is. lol

Something tells me this won’t end well.

it is a good question, gotta wonder how them puppies are held upright and at attention

Oh god food tasting!!! D: Gotta make a list to make sure that my stomach won’t get tortured to death!! Ok here’s the list:
1) Pepto, 2) A bucket like say around 5 gallons worth, 3) Some heartburn medicine might do some good(Tums or something strong), 4) BEER!!!! 5) A set of clothes just incase of vomit on clothes >.>, 6) Milk and Ice Cream incase if it’s too hot(Volcano hot), 7) Add some other secrect herbs and spices(poor food taste DX), 8) Uhmm… I dunno for #8, but I think something VERY important should be here… OH!! Yeah!! A prayer and a Bible to survive!!! TT^TT

The shadow used on the quotes are nice (I noticed them being used before)
I personally think that the black-outlined quotes are easier to read. (the mix between the white and the semi-clear backgrounds is a nice touch)

I agree, I think the larger, bolder font is easier to read, and I also enjoy the way the bubbles are see-through. It lets me see the whole picture. I’ve never really been a fan of curry, but then again I’ve only tried it a few times, so maybe it wasn’t good curry I do like spicy things, though!

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