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Ah I see what you guys did there… I’m seeing it in the future while thinking up something that some fans put you in a arm lock and demand some fanservice thus you did 3 in one page. That’s a new record!!! XP

Why should the boys get all the fanservice? It’s clear that MG’s comic is full of it, so why not do /complete/ fanservice, for both genders? It’s not like he’s not capable of such a thing.
Besides, his males are cute. <3

man seeing 1 hot girl rubbing another hot girls chest is awsome!! but i wonder if they turned it up a notch between them *gets a nosebleed from though of jolty and reiko getting to to something more juicey* Gah!?!? *stops the nosebleed* dam guess i went abit to far of that thought

I got next

AHA! you didn’t say dibs. universal rule of dibs say DIBS! I’m next XD

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