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WTB Victory Body Dance

booty <<


Who the hell victory booty dances?
No offense, but is there not one serious moment/chara in this comic?? XDDD

Chrissy and Raven are the same— wtf does Quick mean, ‘where have you been all my life?’ 9w9
He should just have both and be done with it. -_-;;

Also; predictable ‘sounds-like-sex-but-isn’t-really’ scene.

hey ! i victory booty dance all the time!

Pics or GTFO

I wouldn’t mind doing the killing. Who wouldn’t wanna die w/ a Heavenly vision as his/her last? >XD Better than seeing Chrissy, the devil, and dying a supremely horrid, unimaginably gory, hellish Woman’s scorn. It would be a mercy killing!! XD

Yea, quick I wouldn’t know what to do myself is I saw the ‘Victory Booty Dance.’ 😉

Nice page! Hmmmm… Jolty’s shirt said Hug Me, now Raven’s pants ‘say’ Squeeze Me! As an FFXI player, will we get to see someone playing FFXI? XD Nothing against WoW though, but I bet WoW and FFXI players alike agree that FF14 sux atm <,<

Most definitely…. I’m quite disappointed in the way FFXIV has turned out so far….. and I also wouldn’t mind some FFXI love! =D I don’t play anymore, although if I’d known how much of a disappointment FFXIV would be I wouldn’t have canceled… WoW is always good though. Haven’t played myself, but I keep getting tempted by my friends.

On that note, long time reader, first time poster. Love this comic! Poor Quick…. But he’s got Chrissy! He doesn’t need a mouse. Even if she is Horde.


Well im relieved to see that my asumptions were mistaken, buuuut “good gravy” where was she hiding those curves? Ohh maaan Quick don’t give in to the temptation even at the tease of Mousie rump wagging infront of you, or you’ll be soooooorryyy >:D

ok so who was the one who called it like this? about he would end up helping her with a game. ¬¬

OK if I was there with Quick I would have a bucket of ice and a taser standing by to help is you knows whats… And atleast you guys didn’t do a Leroy Jenkins moment cuz that would be an akward moment or it could happen on the next page as Quick would likely to pounce on her right now…. -_-” Don’t we all… >.> Now back to the main story to see the next reaction when two other babes walks in on them doing something nasty next…

Oh for the love of… this is one of the times where dumping a glass of ice in your pants would come in handy, then again, knowing her, she would get the clue and maybe try harder… either way, poor Quick… LOL
side note, I wish my ex would have done that when I taught her to play ;_;

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