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They Kissed ^-^

W000000T Ohhhh Yeeeeaaahhhh!!!! Superb it was about time, I guess all the experiences during the beach and helping out Reiko n Jaz “Manned” up Quick to be confident enough to pull out that Move and for Chrissy to realize that Quick really likes her and to accept his Kiss. Awesome way to end this storyline Godaikun can’t wait to see where this leads ^_^

YES!!!! <3 Please don't let it be a dream!

that… umm… was surprising to say the least O///O

It’s about fraking time.
YOU GO QUICK!!!!!!!!!!

WOOOTT!! Nice one Quick! About time you pounced.


ok i have to say it…yes this is awesome, he finally did it. but am i the only one thinking this was to fast or simple? …i think this is a dream or some bran damage from the beating he got ¬¬

i call dream shenanigans

i say that it whas to easy your quick
And wher are quick oder frand.

“at that moment something happened…”

“..something amazing…”

” ..I..”

“JIZZ’D…IN…my pants.”

TO THE AUTHOR: If this turns out to be a dream I will respectfully come to your house and beat you over the head with your computer And/or kill your pet if you aren’t there. If it isn’t, then FINALLY! BOUT FREAKIN TIME. I haven’t been this excited since seeing Chrissy’s boobs in the shower near the beginning of this comic. lulz…. But yeah seriously. Horay.

after what most of the readers have been saying…the author would probably NOT make this a dream!….or he/she would be soooooo dead! 0~0…or maybe he/she would. >_>……or change the whole storyline if that’s the case from the beginning and seeing lots of soon to be / not soon to be pissed readers!…nah! xD

Normally i would be groaning about Quick’s imagination getting away from him again, except every previous time I’ve seen those yellow boxes doing something other than mark a scene transition or a timeskip, it’s been Chrissy doing an inner monologue… in which case, the answer MUST be that Chrissy is still standing in the hall outside Quick’s room and this is HER imagination running wild.

cause we all know that quick could never make it through two pages of them together. without saying something stupid.

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