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Anatomy plz?
LOL, I don’t mean to be rude, but… When it’s off it’s off, ya know? XD

Jaz is SOOO cute, though!! And I agree with Turbulance. (No offense?) but Chrissy’s shyness it kind of annoying. D:
What does she have to be shy about, anyway? She’s gorgeous, nice, and smart… And she can Quick are OBVIOUSLY into each other!! XP Geez~~~

did Krissy get a hair cut O.o

Ok I have just one question. Why if the ninja Bunnies are supposed to be Japanese are they obviously latino or African American? I mean dem sweet booties just scream hot latino lady. Awesome comic dude… most fan service I have seen in a comic ever. Thank you for the uber fan service.

Isn’t this comic supposed to be in memory of someone?
So… Why all the fanservice then? (Note; this is an actual question. I’m not trying to attack anyone– maybe they LIKED fanservice comics or dreamed of making one? etc)

Just curious.

OH! And, dude. Quick must have some EPIC healing powers to be able to be OK in a few days after being attacked by Jaz. XD

a few dislocations that were popped back into place no biggie his ankle however . …

Ha! That’s it? XD
I was thinking broken bones, and such…
Still pretty bad, though… 😛

Naw dawg. Da hoes cain’t be breakin’ da pimp hand man. Dat would set a bad example for da res’ of ’em brah.

And besides I think Jaz may like Quick a little more than just as a friend. Kind of like Chrissy and the hot mouse chick we have not seen in a while.

Oh and to your friend this is in honor of… May he rest peacefully.

No idea wtf you’re saying. 😛

I think you’re right about Jaz liking Quick… She seems like the Tsundere type; especially because she’s always so blushy and cute around Quick. <3

Mmn… Wonder what'd happen if Chrissy got with the bunny boy while Quick was hospitalized? ;P

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