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I think Jaz likes him, she’s just a tough girl, but she always blushes around him, and acts all defensive because she has low self esteem, note her rivalry with her sister to show she’s better, I honestly think jaz should hook up with quick, their cute together.

JAZ & Quick <3 <3 <3

The answer that would NOT have landed him in hospital would have been this:

“Believe what you want, I’m not going to allow you to bind them to anything like that.”

I disagree. La Slapping was the Deal Breaker. Keep the quote, lose the slapping of la ass. (as you have it, he still would ’cause of the slapping of la ass). XD

If you’re going to slap an ass as Quick, safest bet is Chrissy’s. More likely to just leave her even more confused rather than someone hospitalized.

Agreeable, though not sure if I would slapping an ass anytime soon…>_> I believe, for the storie’s sake, Quick was focusing on Rei and Jaz. If he went to Chrissy, then it would make the lie more unbelieveable.

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