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SAY W000000T!!!! Jaz n Rei made out while being wasted at some party???? (pic or it didn’t happen) X3

So that was the picture. Hmm, makes sense for something to be embarrassed by, though to make Reiko shake with dread from a few comics earlier, oddly thought something worse. Can’t think of what she’d exactly consider bad, let alone worse but no where in my thought spectrum was it something such as drunken sister-making out session.

Ewww, I burn that picture.

Ha i knew it i said exactly that a few pages back ” they probably got drunk at a party and started making out” awesome and i bet also what i said a few pages back will come true too that we won’t see the photo until the end of this arc as a filler page.

Now Were Playing With Incest…..And That’s Just WRONG!

Yuri is fine. But insect? Wow. 😐

Also, panel two… XP

I was right it was a druken party pic! Maybe the picture would be the next filler page?

i said that 26 comments ago

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