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Awwwww, she suddenly went from looking hot to looking just utterly cute being all helpless and scared in that top panel. Funny to hear her say “don’t touch me” after she was basically rubbing up against Jaz breast-to-breast in the last page.

That “what to do” pose seems sooo not like Jazmin for some reason…. I dunno why, I she just doesn’t seem the kind to take part in that kinda thing. Her pose also reminds me of that crossover art series when Mai Shiranui and another ninja were mocking May from Guilty Gear about her lack of ….. cleavage.

I can also see how everybody here suddenly has taken an extremely massive interest in the photo if it actually made REI of all people blush and act worried, heh, love Jaz’s “already packed” response.

Just a crazy thought I’m gonna throw out here, but maybe it’s not something that a person would normally be embarassed about? Consider this: let’s say that they both had a life before the sexy ninja thing they have going and said life was one they weren’t proud of and would rather bury in the past for no one to find out about. Nothing like a drunk photo, but something like if they were young and their parents made them wear lame cloths or something else of that nature. Everyone is assuming that it’s along the lines of filthy embarassment at a party, so that’s leading me to think it’s something completely opposite from that. It is a common practice, making the reader completely belive one thing just to find out later they weren’t anywhere close.

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