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the bird’s a nice touch too.

How can you put stuff that long down there?!?!?! D=

Can it be?! The fabled Boobs of Holding! I knew they were real! They all told me it was a myth, but I knew better!

Still a myth. The chick, and afore mentioned boobs, are fictional.

who needs a hammer space when you have a clevage void~

wow i envy that sword right now and y didn’t it cut the top of her bikini top

This really should surprise me…… but after seeing a catgirl who didn’t even really have much cleavage to begin with pull out two automatic rifles each one bigger than her from there,,, this kind of thing doesn’t even make me blink anymore.

what webcomic is that please tell me

Heh, well since you seem to be so excited about it, sure, there are two points of bad news:

1. Its in Japanese
2. Even though the artist keeps drawing art of his characters and other things in general(he REALLY seems to be into firearms), he hasn’t continued the comic in ages.


Chapters Prologue through 4.5 are here:

Chapters 5+ are here:

The specific page I was talking about is here:

……. if a person were to fall into that cleavage, I don’t think they’d ever see the light of day again.

WAIT!!! I what it is: She’s the sole Transformer Anthro and gets the blade from the ‘compartments’ settled in her breast! XD

did anyone else insta-jizz?

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