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I wonder who’s going to intercept and block this attempt, Quick or Reiko.

Or maybe Jaz

I think that would be me with a M1014 shotgun with grip, FMJ, and Extended Mags at the back of the head of this pompus jackass. >:3 Yes, I’m evil too, but not too much…

Ok 2 things #1 when in the world did they get to that jerk’s place?
#2 I’m with Quick who does he think he is dealing with? Like if Chrissy was some sort of Prize to be won, I hope Quick gets to be the one to put him in his place as he owes him one indirect insult from earlier

I hope to Heaven Quick does something to prove himself good.

and Chrissy, girl please show you have brains.

JPitt give the girl a chance, I mean Chrissy isn’t an airhead its just the fact she hasn’t learned to deal with these Awkward situations like the teasing Reiko puts on her and the fact that she got 2 guys trying to compete for her affections (buut she has some feelings for Quick but she is Shy to get them in the open) so with that said just wait and see, we may yet be surprised by her

He’s not as ‘evil’ as you think. If he was, I wouldn’t bet $50 that he would get shot down next comic.(don’t hold me to that) He, also, wouldn’t think that THIS!! is the time to STRIKE!!!! >_> He’s noobish evil. Honestly, how that last panel came out, he reminds me of a character from another comic…

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