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Wow. That teacher is just… HUGE charisma score, but WISDOM DUMP STAT. He’s pretty boned if he gets Tainted from being evil. Depravity through the roof. I’m guessing he’d develop solipsism. I don’t know if I spelled that correctly.

Whoa Battle Lines are Drawn the guy wants to start something by indirect antagonizing (and whoa Quick being able to elbow Jab Skye is mighty impressive to the “wrestling champion” who knew?)

Quick is buff for a nerdy guy. You do not typicaly see that. I have a feeling he could easily hold his own in a fight with pretty boy green.

Yes especially if he actually made Skye feel that Elbow jab (and he’s a wrestling champ too) so yes there’s more to Quick than he seems so can’t look down on him

Yes, well, no matter how muscular someone is, a well placed elbow to the solar plexus will drop you, as there’s a bunch of nerves there, painful and paralizing.

What does everybody have against that poor guy?
He isn’t that bad.How could he know quick paid this?
But that ”Clunky Moped” looked like a motor, not a moped……but who cares?

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