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XDD OMG the first time i saw this i laughed so hard X33333 and the look on his face >w< well since Rivera lost his chance looks like Quick still has a shot X3 i still im eager to see whats gonna happen later on If Quick will finnaly get the chance to admit his feelings for Chrissy or just blow it like always XD still great work ^^

a teacher is attracted to the schoolgirl? wouldnt that make him a pedo?

Bah! Quick just needs to get over his fixation with the ditzy, wishy-washy cat and chase after some mouse tail. At least SHE shows some hint of a functioning brain and an interest in him. Oh well, guess it’s the age-old problem of wanting one thing that’s bound to be a pain for you and passing on something readily at hand that would be great. Quick’s an idiot.

What Does CockBlocked Mean?

Basically,it’s like;You and your girl are making out in the park when her annoying little brother or a friend of hers interrupts you just as she’s getting ready to take her top off and you’re ‘item’ is about to rip a hole through your pants and neither of you get anything.Also called getting blueballed.

I would be worried if stuff like that happened in the park. I think its more like you are in her room making out on the bed and then you are right about to get into her pants when her older brother comes pounding on the door to get you and her to come try his new recipe for omelets. That's happened to me before. It sucked but it was a pretty good omelet.

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