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She should just talk with him..after all it was her fault in part he dated raven..once..becuse she well bitchslaped his fealings going out with the teacher after he just helped her…..^^u…
and the bunnies well end up fighting..

Search your feelings Jaz ;D

Ok I got some questions that NEED answered NOW!!!

1) WHERE did THAT towel come FROM?!?!?!?!?
2) Can Chrissy just pour out her feeling toward Quick and get it over with?
and 3) Did Jaz really went to the “Bi” side or the “Lesbian” side? Either one is really GOOD fanservice. 😉

Heh heh….two bunnies at once…erhm << And that's her towel, not her hair, Billy.

Shuddup. I hadn’t slept in two days when I read the comic and I was in a ruh so I didn’t have time to really look, just read. Couldn’t you just have assumed my natural stupidity and humored me?

I never ASSUME stupidity. I know that the vast majority of people are entirely lacking in the intellectual department, but I like to think that the ones able to get online aren’t that bad. Of course, judging from sites like and such, that’s probably an assumption, and you know what they say when you assume.

Y’know, I dunno if that’s a towel… Didn’t Rei have a T-shirt like that before? 😛

Guys, calm down. It’s obviously just for the visual gag to make her look like a Sith Lord (Although if they all looked like Rei there’d probably be a lot more recruits). Towel will probably vanish next page so we can all get back to staring at her tits.

I mean just LOOK at them. Why are you bent outta shape over a towel? TITS.

YES, please extend some olive branches and build some bridges I’m so ready for some cross species understanding.

Cinder will now officially defend Khilani againtst Oscura!

Interesting conjecture. Cinder has seen a side of Kilani no one else has seen yet. Hmmm…

Man…this is the first page in awhile in which everything isn’t purple! And I enjoy that!

[QUOTE=”Radagast, post: 212424, member: 822″]I wonder how much of that Cinder is actually following.[/QUOTE]
Based on her expression and reading in between the lines with Kilani actually saving her, I suspect she knows quite a bit. In fact, I believe that Cinder might have a change of heart about tigers after all this.

Plus…just look at her. She’s so cute with the cuteness.

Worse, what if it’s to order her foster child to kill her?

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