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no amount of stuttering (albeit it’s adorable stuttering) will help you now chrissy.

wish I was in lady reds shoes…. 😉 a guys gotta dream am I right? hope you have a great time with that special someone Razor!

I wish I could send Gaia a Valentine letter

Damn it, stop stuttering and just ask the inane fool out yourself girl.

*Looks at the last comment in the comic page*
*Joke #1* Go on…
*Joke #2 Say what now?

Goddess damn it Saph, that’s not how you compose a sonnet.

Here’s a better idea for one.

‘The bed is on fire with passionate love,
Her heart afire with it’s flame for me,
My own trembles with shakes, don’t you see,
We roll around, let the neighbors complain,
Our voices rip and shake the air above,
The room afire with our passionate love,
But the deeds are not done till she comes,
Which may be hard, because she only does,
When she’s on top’

Also Meta’s wit is as dry as the ground and twice as deadly.

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