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I have to say… I found a new comic to read, and after seeing the first couple pages a minute or two ago… bitchnuggets is now my new favorite word.

I seem to have lost mass quantities of blood out of my nose *faint*

You are an awesome artist dude!!! I think the perfect filler; after we see an individual shot of each girl in a bikini; would be a shot of all three girls together greeting the two buff dudes at the beach. Something like the guys just showed up and just walked across the top of a tall sand dune and there lay the three hotties kickin it and sunning on beach towels. Guys with mouths agape and beach gear falling to the ground in a classic “oh snap”.

You know, seeing Chrissy in the bathing suit really allows you to see her full fur pattern, and it’s really cool. The all-black with gray areas on her face, throat, arms, and thighs is really well-placed and pops out and the gray at the end of her air is just plain cool. You gotta appreciate it.

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