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Quick you better not fall asleep and miss the fun. GET YOUR CAMERA, MAN!

Oh my god what the hell is this

why is everyone so dense in this comic?

Dude it has nothing to do with the characters being dense the author is trying to build a story of a relationship between 2 people but circumstances and other people get in the way from them being together so it’s all developing at a pace. (that’s how story telling is done otherwise the comic would be too short and uninteresting) its almost like in real life when meeting a girl you like but don’t know if she likes you back or if she’s available (I can’t explain it any better than that) and im just another fan but I got a decent idea of how it’s undergoing

Ahh this is a good story it shows that Quick wishes to remain Loyal to Chrissy since she’s the one he likes n wants, now if we can get an equal scene from her then we’ll know if they are meant to be with each other, cause lil Ms Raven already likes Quick and perhaps wishes to have him X3

10 bucks says theres gonna be a scene where Quick n Chrissy have so much fun she falls on top of him both blushing and as soon there about to kiss Quick falls asleep XD

Oh man. How did Fiera lose her mother?

Page 329 holds the answer. ^__^

Oh wow… The feels are strong with this one.

Well, the answer’s simple, Ms Claws. A bit of the voodoo that you do, and some sprinkles too! Cause you remind me of the babe.

What babe?

The babe with the power.

What power?

HUH? that Sandy Claw is FOX???

She sure is!

Is she had both friend with dragon and tiger?
Hell a lot of war with dragons and tigers. Wonder, how they start war?

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