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Rascals Pg 57b: sisters filler

Rascals Pg 57b: sisters filler published on 46 Comments on Rascals Pg 57b: sisters filler

Sorry for the delay on this page, folks!  Took this week off for a bit of rest and relaxation. Friday will be another art-page, so look forward to the the beginning of the new story arc next Tuesday!

In the meantime, enjoy li’ll Reiko and Jazmin =D

-Master Godai


kool sketch…. it would be so funny if rei was a goodie goodie two shows when she was little

Why does rei have boobs still? ._.;;

How does rei’s hair even work, anyway?? XD I’m so confused with it!

Unfortunately Riah’s handwork came a little short since Cinder somehow saved her life on a thread, but we’ll see the outcome if she’ll be treated in time. Thats definitely more than a final warning XD if i did that pose i can tell its more of a flamethrower technique than a fireball toss.

Flashy and short ranged? That sounds like a warning shot.

mm maybe, but since its magic who knows if the fire dragons can extend the range of their “flamethrower” technique. now if they know how to do napalm, that can be deadly

hope so, maybe the Lady red might stop the flame use her wings?

i highly doubt that blast killed kilani. she’s a character too important to die. however, when the dragons and tigers confront each other, i hope kilani and eone will play peace makers in this. maybe no one will die, hopefully.

Plot armor? No character in “The Draconia Chronicles” has plot armor. None.

That has been proven time after time.

In fact, the war (and the strip) would have to go on even longer if Kilani dies. With that in mind, I’d say Kilani may die horribly and/or accidently.

but kilani seems to be a main part of the story/plot. without her……..well……….i don’t know. the story may fall flat. but im talking about razorfox so im probably wrong. still, plz don’t kill kilani. she’s the only sane person in this war, next to the earth dragons.

There is such a thing as the Shaggy Dog Story…

A shaggy dog story is a long rambling tale that has an anticlimax ending. “A man finds a shaggy dog one day. The very next day, a rich man puts up “lost dog” posters of a dog that looks exactly like the shaggy dog. The guy brings the shaggy dog to the rich guys mansion, and says; “here’s your dog”; to which the rich man replies “That is not my dog” and slams the door in his face.

Actually Kilani’s death at this point would be major to the plot as then the fire dragons will have earned the queens scorn. Which could turn another faction of dragons against her as a result since the queen seems to carry a a grudge like a 2 ton hammer.

“Too important to die”

We thought the same thing about Ned Stark, Geoffrey, and Jon Snow, and look where they are now!

I forgot did the dragons know exactly what Kilani looked like again?

Just want to say how much I love Draconia Chronicles, discovered it a few weeks ago and have read it from start to now. What a really terrific and engrossing story, love tigers & dragons & can’t wait to see what happens next. Thanks for a terrific webcomic.

Well, there’s a chance the Earth Dragons (or even Red, who for all her dutifulness does seem to be able to pay attention to oddities) will realize something when they contemplate on the weid behaviour of this specific tiger. Then again, there’s a greater chance one of these happens:
-The attitude of the less diplomatic dragons provokes a bickering scenario where there’s no place for listening to Kilani.
-Kilani ends up dead.
-The tigers make a daring entrace and everything gets bac k to the usual chaos.
-One (or more) of the characters left behind in previous pages will come to ruin the whole party.
-All of the above, possibly ones being causes/consequences of the others.

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