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wait? new collouring style? AWESOME!!!!

Yeah it seems like he’s using a layer wide blur tool and multiple layers at that from the look of some panels.


*kira laugh*
Just according to Keikaku.


Moar ninja girls? Oh well. More of them means more boobage for us.

I think the one on the right in the last panel is kinda cute.


I have seen mountains~
Hiding behind strange words,
I saw those mountains~
And I don’t know what rhymes with ‘words’
This is the song, that’s what I said,
Those ninjas don’t look like they’re friends,

I have seen mountains… — Tribute to the new ninja people.
Next up is the beach arc!

Yeah, a good temper. I’m sure you’d never physically assault someone just for being a love rival, you would only use violence in self defense. Seriously, Minos is not good enough for Rachael, she’s better off with Miles, he says incredibly hurtful things but he’d never condone that kind of crap.

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