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At least he had the courage to ask her out. I can muster up enough courage for a few weeks just to ask a girl out, only to find out during the time I took she found a boyfriend already and then it all just melts away with disappointment.

It’s funny because I can remember being in that exact situation! Only my “strung together” words were much quieter and then I started to ramble/mumble. We’ll see in the next comic whether or not it’ll end for Quick the same it did for me.

When I was a teenager, junior high, my mother told me the perfect line for asking out a girl: “If you don’t have anything else planned, would you like to go/do ___________ with me, on __fill in the day__?” This gives the girl a graceful way to say no if she isn’t interested instead of frantically making up a lame excuse (she can simply say, “gee, no, I won’t be able to do that, I’ll be busy.” without specifying anything), or she can genuinely have a prior commitment and can tell you that. Either way, you avoid a tacky/uncomfortable situation and it isn’t a flat soul-crushing rejection (you can always believe her excuse, even if she simply says “no” — thinking, “Oh she must have a prior commitment”.)

No hurt feeling on either side — unless the girl is total bitch and enjoys handing out pain by replying along the lines of “not if you were the last man alive.”)

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