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Seriously, I like this comic a LOT, but- come on, this is RIDICULOUSLY cliche.

I don’t want to sound mean, but I could not possibly agree any more, I have seen this kind of situation in anime, American cartoons, manga, comics, webcomics, literature, movies, and just about everywhere else a thousand times over by now.

Well, the reason why it is used is because of a simple factor: IT WORKS.
As a wise man once said “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
Granted, original work is nice, but an alternate version of a good concept is nice too. Seriously, is there anything TRULY original that has absolutely NO elements from ANYTHING else in human history that was successful? Face it, everything has been done and all we can do is mix different amounts of these elements together in different stories with different characters.

I hate the “Seriously, is there anything TRULY original” or “everything has been done” arguments, because its just a cop-out without requiring you to think. Nothing will EVER be done, and there WILL be original stuff all the time, you constantly see new and original shows every now and then. Some people in the early 1800’s claimed the same thing, that everything that can be invented has been invented… where would be now if everybody took that to heart?

As for the “it works” part, some things this can be argued for, others however clearly are being old cliches instead of something you cannot write around, the whole “crush sees guy with another woman by accident” thing is most definitely one of them, I mean, look at all the people here pointing out this cliche! Rarely do the comments in a webcomic complain so much about the same thing.

I mean, seriously, this is what, the THIRD time this cliche has happened this year? And to the same characters no less?

Sorry, but it IS cliche, it IS unoriginal, you CAN be more original, and the fact that we had this happened again so soon to these two is just depressing really, if I recall even I Love Lucy actually made fun of this cliche, its THAT old.

(facepalm) I hate to do this so late, but… seriously? A main reason why this idea was done in the first place was BECAUSE it was a cliche and BECAUSE it was gonna go in a different direction after making people think “well, this is bs”. If you couldn’t see this coming a whole page ago (a year and a few months at this point) then yes, it’s still original. It’s a commonly used plot device for future development and different things are done with it ALL THE TIME, hence, it’s still “original” is it not? Dude.

Ya know, a lot of us do agree that this was a clich├ęd move and it will have a predictable result that we don’t want to see. However, all of you guys getting all over the author’s case about it has likely killed every interest he may have in continuing.

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