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Oh, Jaz is pretty.. i think i like her more than her sister.. and Quick, well, ironic luck, dumb luck, or just plain luck, he is one lucky SOB, i bet next scene or two we’ll see Chrissy seeing the scene and his hand oh her breast. i don’t know whether to envy him or pity him..

Hmm.. i’ll go with envy, frak, wish something like that happened to me too.

so im guessing, due to both this and you making a new calender featuring saph, im guessing thier won’t be a new page this week or next week for that matter. well shit, that sucks. but none the less, its great to see you happy razorfox, you and the other members katbox as well. but hey, you just keep up the good work okay. you’ve done a great job with this comic and well………*sigh* ya know that Shadow c guy that was commenting to us on page 356, well he just left and well, he left and seemed pretty depressed. you can go there now and look, i know this is not your kind of thing.but uh, he said that he hopes you and me have ”good conversations” about him. whatever that meant. but none the less, its great to see that your trying to expand your comic to other people, you and the rest of the katbox for that matter. good luck in Atlanta.

Thanks! This is actually my fourteenth appearance at Anime Weekend Atlanta, and it holds a special place in “Draconia Chronicles” history as it was the convention where the very first “Draconia Chronicles” calendar was unveiled back in 1999, fully fifteen years ago. AWA is a homecoming of sorts for the comic, as a result.

It sounds like Shadow V needs some time to sort things out, and I hope things turn out okay. As for the comic, the next page got written last night, and I’ll begin work on it as soon as I get back from AWA. I hope the wait isn’t too long. Stay tuned… ~__^

oh so you written the page already? so it just needs to be drawn and colored? okay, that’s great! also, your right shadow v just needed to help himself to some fresh air and such. ive been through the same thing he’s going through and i’m sure he’ll be fine.
anyway good luck in Atlanta, ill expect to see a whole lot of new people to be here in the comment section for your comic or for the rest of the katbox for that matter.

Goodness Gracious, you’re one good looking old fella. Unexpected.. I hope you had fun a fun time :D. *sniff* I can never join these damn cons, they are always in America… One day i am gonna become rich enough to force you all to Norway…. one day…

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