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Mmm I’m loving the wet look. two wet bunnies after a dip in the pool… nothing sweeter… wait I take that back. Only question is…. why does Jaz have so much junk in her trunk if she is a ninja?

What exactly is Jabby? A lizard or something?

yes, he is a iguana to be exact ;3

I may or may not have said this before but. Reptiles are hairless.

But the hair gives him character, regardless of how biologically correct it is. Also certain species of reptiles did have hair a long time ago, before they evolved into mammals, or so evolution tells us.

Well, technically, he COULD be a dragon. It would fit with both being from Japan and being a Shinobi. It would also fit with the hair, though traditionally, they also had scaley feathers, at least, judging from artwork. But he’s iguana-shaped, which throws that out the window 😛

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